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Ceramic jewelry is strong and 3x harder than steel when properly cared for. It can be fragile and breakable, but will last a long time if they  are looked after well. Here are a few simple tips for cleaning and taking care of your special beauties in your jewelry box.

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For all kinds of jewelry

This includes gold, silver, brass, platinum, gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry.

  • Don’t wear your jewelry while swimming, exercising or in the shower. Chlorine and water with salt or minerals can damage it.
  • Remove rings, necklaces and earrings when touching liquids. This includes when washing your hands, applying beauty products, cleaning the house, or applying lotions. This will keep the settings grime-free.
  • Be careful when putting them on and taking them off. Try not to hit against or drop on a hard surface, such as tile, concrete, or wood.
  • Wipe pearls and other natural components with a soft cloth. Do this after each wear to remove body oils and perfume that can yellow them. This will take sticky fingerprints off too.
  • Give each of your ceramic jewelry its own spot in your jewelry box. Although ceramic is strong and scratch-resistant, it can chip. Do not crowd your ceramic jewelry together in one space. Check out our tips on How to Store Your Precious Jewelry.

Specific to brass

Brass is known for its bright lustre and golden gleam. When new and cleaned, this metal has a shine as good as gold. However, over time, brass tends to get dull and tarnish and therefore needs to be properly cared for to maintain its look.

With gold-plated jewelry such as our gold-plated brass earrings, being gentle with your hands and using mild soap is important to keep your jewelry’s lustre.

Wine Rose Gold-Plated Brass Stud Earrings — Size A

Let your lotion & perfume dry before putting on your jewelry.

The perfumes and hand creams we love to wear often contain chemicals that can tarnish and even dissolve the layer of gold on your jewelry. So, apply your perfume (or any fragranced product) a couple minutes before putting on your jewelry. That will give the product time to settle into your skin.

Get into the habit of gently wiping down pieces after every wear.

The trick is to be as gentle as possible, so skip the traditional polishing cloth, as its subtle texture can actually scratch the gold plating off, and instead go in with a cotton ball and lightly wipe down the posts of your earrings, chain of your bracelet, and that pretty pendant. If you’d like to use a cloth, go for the softest one you can find — one designed to clean glasses and camera lenses like the microfiber cloth below should do the trick.

Deep clean gently with mild soap and warm water every couple of weeks.

Don’t scrub the glazed/shiny areas too hard. You can gently scrub away dirt or makeup marks with a q-tip or soft bristled toothbrush. This removes light tarnishing and dirt and grime build up. You do not want to use an antibacterial soap, as it contains chemicals that can tarnish gold-plating. Once you’re done, carefully wipe them down with a soft cloth to restore shine.

Specific to silver

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  • Wear your silver jewelry, don’t let silver sit! Silver becomes shinier the more it’s worn because the friction slows down tarnishing. When you’re not wearing it, store pieces in an anti-tarnish bag or in a jewelry box.

We want your jewelry to look beautiful forever. Use these tips to keep your jewelry looking like you just bought it!

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