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You’ve ever spent 15 minutes one morning looking for one piece of jewelry in a pile of earrings & chains. We’ve all been there. It can be hard to enjoy having a collection of jewelry you love when it’s hard to find the  one you need. Jewelry needs to look good on display, and easy to pick when you need it.

How to maximise your storage space

On your countertop — use a jewelry dish and ring cones

Jewellery Dish & Ring Cone Set • Daisy Cooper Ceramics

A jewelry dish is one of  the best ways to make your star pieces shine on display, so that you can see them every day. You’ll never forget you have your favorite pieces. If you have a couple of rings you love, organise them with elegant ring cones to keep them separate.

In your closet — use a jewelry organizer

Misslo Jewelry Hanging Non-Woven Organizer Holder

If you have a lot of jewelry, or other small accessories, a hanging organizer may be exactly what you need. Jewelry lovers complain about twisted and tangled jewelry. Many just appreciate that a hanging organizer like this one allows them to see everything in their collection. Once you have all your items hanging in their own spaces, you’ll be wearing jewelry that you  haven’t seen in years, which will never tangle.

In your bag on the go — use a drawstring bag

Jewelry drawstring bag

Small drawstring bags are great way to store your jewelry and personal items, such as charms, watches, etc. while traveling or for everyday use. These jewelry pouches have a braided cord or satin ribbon drawstring closure that closes them without snagging with your necklaces or earrings.

Most are made from cotton, linen, satin, and other skin-friendly materials that won’t scratch delicate jewelry. You can keep your jewelry in a drawstring pouch in  your bag when you’re ready for a change during the day.

Storing jewelry so that it doesn’t tarnish

Separate jewelry by metals

Separate your costume jewelry (What is Costume Jewelry?) from your fine jewelry. Costume jewelry is coated with a combination of metals, and mixing these metals together can cause a permanent chemical reaction in your jewelry, and change its color to a less attractive one. Check out our recent post on Types of Gold Coatings on Jewelry: Gold Plated • Vermeil • Gold Filled • Solid Gold.

Do an inventory of your jewelry, and make a few piles that separate fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and silver jewelry. Store the jewelry in these piles separately with jewelry dishes or cones, jewelry boxes or jewelry organizers.

Make sure your jewelry is clean and dry

Handling liquids when you’re wearing your jewelry can damage it. Before storing your jewelry pieces, wipe them down when you take them off to keep them grime-free and dry. Check out our recent post on How to Properly Care for Your Jewelry Like a Pro.

Store your delicate jewelry in a dark, dry location

It’s essential to store fine jewelry away from direct sunlight because some stones can become damaged by prolonged exposure to UV light in sunlight. Never store pearls inside a plastic bag or box because plastic can interact with the pearls and cause them to deteriorate. You can keep your pieces in a jewelry box covered by a lid.

We want your jewelry to look beautiful forever. Save this post to keep your jewelry looking like you just bought it!

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