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For many men and women, wearing jewellery is a simple activity we do every day before leaving our homes. Jewellery has become an extension of us, because we often use jewellery to express our personality, or concept such as marital and financial status.

But why has jewellery become a constant in daily life for people from all walks of life over thousands of years?

Jewellery can have sentimental value

For centuries, jewellery has been used to woo potential partners, and signal positive feelings towards family members, friends and other members of society. This helps to create a  special connection between the gifter and the receiver. For example, jewellery has been used as a way to show love and affection towards potential mates by giving expensive gifts.

Jewellery helps us feel good about ourselves

While giving someone a special piece of jewellery helps us to communicate our feelings  towards them, sometimes we want to make ourselves feel good by putting it on ourselves. Wearing beautiful & elegant jewellery helps you to reinforce your confidence and increase your self-esteem, which makes others respect you.

The jewellery we wear changes the way we think.

An elegant masterpiece on your ears, wrist, hair or ankle can change the way you think into a gentle tone, and subconsciously help you to act elegantly. Funky jewellery lets you feel young and vibrant, which makes you relax and express your energy.

Why do you wear jewellery? Tell us what you think!

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