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Women’s ceramic earrings and necklaces make a unique jewelry statement. These seemingly fragile pieces of jewelry are actually quite strong, and they make great conversation pieces.

What makes them better than metal jewelry?

It is doesn’t tarnish or change color.

Ceramic clay uses naturally organic clay found from the earth, and isn’t mixed with metals. This makes ceramic jewelry, rings, dishes and watches 100% rust proof. Some jewelry metals, especially silver and copper, have a tendency to tarnish if they aren’t worn constantly. With ceramic jewelry, you don’t need to worry about getting out the jewelry cleaner.

It is lightweight and tolerates extremely high temperatures.

This makes it incredibly durable in all kinds of situations.

It is highly scratch resistant.

You will need something as hard as a diamond to scratch it. Remember, they can be shattered if you hit them hard enough.

You have infinite choices of color and design.

Rather than only the standard colors of gold or silver, ceramic earrings are available in shiny black, white, and every color of the rainbow. This material provides a great deal of versatility for jewelry.

Ceramic jewelry is extremely affordable when compared to precious metals.

Rings made from this material typically cost between $50 and $300 globally, if they have no precious metal inlays.

Poppy Diamond Ceramic Earrings

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