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( Image source – Ceramic jewelry by Daniela Cățoi )

What makes ceramic jewellery so special? Here’s a short guide to what ceramic jewellery can be in your jewellery box.

Ceramic jewellery is different from typical metal jewellery. It includes ceramic as part of the main materials, including gemstones, leather and other elements used in  jewellery typically seen in stores.

What is a ceramic?

A ceramic is an inorganic, non-metallic solid that is fired at a high temperature. Ceramics start in the form of clay, are fired in a high-temperature kiln, and may be glazed to create a shiny, protective coating that adds some color.

From Clay to Beauty: The Journey of Handmade Ceramic Jewelry

The ceramic components are the main feature in ceramic jewellery. They are then fitted with accessories to make them wearable as earrings, necklaces with ceramic pendants, rings, brooches, watches and bracelets.

Is ceramic jewellery durable?

Ceramic components in jewellery stay in the same condition as they first arrive in your hands. Since they are fired in a high temperature kiln at more than 1000°C, they stay hard and glossy.

Ceramic is scratch resistant and not easy to break but it can chip, just like your grandma’s china cups. It’s important to have each piece of your ceramic jewellery have its own space in your jewellery box.

Is Ceramic Jewelry Durable?

How can I care for ceramic jewellery?

Some basic maintenance can keep your ceramic jewellery in good condition. You can wipe each piece with a damp cloth, and dry it with a lint-free cloth. Additionally, remember to take them off before swimming or any form of exercise.

How to Clean & Store Your Ceramic Jewelry

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