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Investing in good quality jewelry may just be one of the smartest investments you’ll make in your life. If you’re looking at buying jewelry at an investment, you need to make sure your jewelry comes from a studio that constructs it with high standards. When you buy cheap or fake jewelry, you are more prone to irritation on your skin due to a thin jewelry coating (read more about jewelry coating types here).

These are the top four things people consider before the buy a piece of jewelry.


You’ll find that branded jewelry that come from distinct jewelry  designers have a mark engraved on them. This mark is either the date the  jewelry was made, or the name or logo of the jewelry designer. This is a good way of confirming the authenticity of a piece of jewelry. Most fake jewelry will not have this type of engraving or mark on it.


Why does one jewelry piece cost more than another? This is usually because of:

  • The quantity and quality of the metal & other components used
  • The level of craftsmanship (handmade is  usually  more expensive than cast jewelry)

Costume jewelry (fashion jewelry) is also less expensive than its luxury counterparts because:

  1. It is usually made with components cheaper than those in fine jewelry
  2. It constantly changes to match seasonal trends

When is expensive better?

There will be times when understated elegance will be valued, while others more brilliant jewelry is more  appropriate to wear. Yet, you need to understand when to buy & wear either. You could buy costume jewelry, which will serve a season. Or you could invest in valuable pieces that will keep on giving throughout your lifetime and become heirlooms to pass on. A well-crafted ‘expensive’ piece works well in the office and in daily life.


Unique pieces are ultimately considered more valuable than jewelry that matches conventional design. Handmade jewery reflects the passion and hard work of its makers, and their connection to the unique metals and stones from the earth. There is great beauty and meaning to be had outside the world of commercial jewelers.


Quality gold jewelry is a healthy choice for your skin. Properly plated metal jewelry that uses vermeil, gold filled or solid gold coating is the best because it’s hypoallergenic. When you buy cheap or fake jewelry, you are more prone to irritation on your skin that can cause rashes and other skin problems. Quality jewelry will also never rust or change from weather conditions.

You can’t eyeball quality. With the amount of money you’ll be spending on a piece of jewelry, you should always have high standards for the quality you are receiving.

Which of these factors do you consider most when you buy jewelry?

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