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Darsamin means ‘beautiful and valuable’ in the Middle East.

Each jewelry piece is sculpted, fired and glazed to bring out the unique beauty in every woman who wears it. Africa is a diverse continent, and every woman — including you — has a special background that makes her who she is. We don’t define your beauty, we bring it out for everyone to see.

All our jewelry is handmade in small batches and individually painted with care from Nairobi, Kenya. We work hard to make sure they look elegant, and our glossy paints are specially made for our ceramic jewelry. Jewelry plays a notable role in every woman’s life. We want your jewelry to be a long-lasting piece in your wardrobe, and an exceptional gift you’d get from a special person in your life.

Hello, I’m Stephanie Kabi.

I am the founder, with a UI/UX design background. I create all the jewelry from a studio nestled in the green farms of Kiambu, Kenya. My obsession for custom jewelry started from a stone jewelry gift my mother gave me years ago, and this has changed into the business that you see today. I wanted to use my experience from digital design to create treasures that match your dreams.

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